Sculptures and public art

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Adresse: Landskrona

Landskrona has a rich offering of public sculptures and art. We have the Captain's Yard Sculpture Park surrounding the Landskrona Art Gallery. And many of the city's other parks and squares are adorned with attractive statues. These include the unique wood sculptures of Daniel Andersson.

But even as you drive into town, you can also see many of the city's beautiful artworks placed in roundabouts. Examples include Börje Lindberg's '33 Flames', symbolising the burning desire for culture seen in all Scania municipalities; and, most recently, 'Sea Breeze' by Anja Rockborn and Helena Jeppson.
The 'West Wind' fountain in Rådhustorget (Town Hall Square) is one of the more well-known, by Anders Olsson who has also done four other artworks now standing in Landskrona.
The 'Borstahusgumman' sculpture by Lena Lervik, depicts an ageing fishwife on the way from the Borstahusen fishing village to the city to sell the day's catch.
Near the Nordkap we have a statue of Selma Lagerlöf created by Jonas Högström.
You can buy a pamphlet describing all the public art on display in Landskrona at the Tourist Information Centre.

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